Athleisure style or activewear is the go-to outfit when it’s time for sports outings. For example, you could wear a chic crop top and stylish denim shorts to cheer your team on while looking gorgeous.
But it’s never an option with hockey. Boy! Those games are cold, and a winter jacket is a must to keep you warm outside and inside the arena.
We are here to guide you on what to wear to your next hockey game. So, consider this a styling guide to help you or your …

Hockey is a popular outdoor game in Northern America and other places in the world. Of course, people love hockey for different reasons. Some love it because of the skills required, the speed, the strength involved, the strategy employed, and the quick muscle recovery thanks to CBD pain cream. After all, playing hockey offers numerous emotional, physical, and mental health benefits to the players.
Watch this interview where Dr. Terra Blatnik answers the important questions: Should kids play hockey?
Here is a list of the benefits associated with hockey sport:
Great for character building
Hockey is a sport that …

Introduction to e-cigarette and Vape stockists among teens happens as early as eight years during birthday celebrations or sleepovers with pals. By the time such kids reach their teenage years, they have already been addicted.
Addiction to vaping has left the lives of most young athletes in a devastating state, making it difficult to relate well with their teammates. Once the young athlete becomes an addict, everything including their future dreams changes.
Besides, a hardworking, inspired, and skillful teen becomes a helpless young soul after being introduced to vaping. Apart from …

Canadian coach, Dale Hunter, will handle the Canada team and train them for the IIHF 2020 Junior World Championship. The tournament is expected to be pursued from the 26th of December 2019 until the 5th of January 2020.
Dale Hunter has been coaching the Ontario Hockey London League from the 2001 season until the current except during 2011-2012. During the one-year time frame, he was employed by the Capital of Washington to take the place of Boudreau Bruce, specifically on the 28th of November 2011. Canada Hockey also acknowledged the WHL Spokane coach and Gretzky Cup Hlinka 2019 coach, Lambert Dan. His assistants are Williams …

With this current roster, there will be a high possibility that the defending champions can take a firm grip on the title.
The 2-week tournament is held in Alberta Edmonton; with that, the chance of the Canadian Team to take the gold home for two consecutive years is extremely high. It has been a long road to reducing the forty-six-player pool into the final twenty-five. The twenty-six-day selection and evaluation were then interrupted temporarily by 2-week quarantine after having two team members positive for the COVID-19 disease.
Andre Tourigny, the Head Coach of the Team, tried to put together tons of skills for the Team …

After having two positive teammates for Coronavirus, the Canadian Hockey team was suspended from joining the World training camp for juniors. The Ice Hockey International Federation decided to cancel several tournaments during the last few months due to the present coronavirus pandemic, including the marquee tournaments such as the World Championship 2020 and the other minor tournaments for women’s and men’s hockey.
Despite that, the Team will continually conduct seminars, meetings, and workouts through Zoom. They’ve been practicing this during their two weeks of quarantine to keep track of their diet, their physical abilities…

Aside from our regular sessions for junior coaching, we are very glad to also provide additional coaching for Hockey in partnership with Step Change Hockey. Spotting the opportunity to further develop or enhance individual hockey athletes, our Team is currently offering one on one and closed group coaching, which has a maximum of five trainees. These sessions are held at Old Lane School, which is considered as the home of Hockey Epsom Club.
Our Team is composed of experienced, qualified players and coaches who are willing to journey with you while designing a customized program suitable for your training needs. To further work on …

Advance your skills now! This program’s goal is not for recreational purposes and not for those people who aren’t willing or eager enough to exert extra effort and commitment to this intense regimen training.
– Apply now and be a member of this limited elite program
– Eight trainees will be thoroughly evaluated and selected to be a part of a designated training group.
During the four-week program, trainees will learn the following:
– In this training session, the trainees will learn to move towards the puck and pull away from their competition so they will not be caught.
– The …

Why are private coaches essential in training?

They know the techniques on how to attain prolonged focus.
They know the technique on how to learn faster
There is a 2:1 coach/player ratio
There are assurance and accountability throughout the training.
More emotional support
They help you increase your confidence by following a systematic, step-by-step learning guide in actualizing your lessons.

Speed Program
During the speed program, players must learn the following:
S – Stride
Discussing the fundamentals of appropriate …