Are the Team Canada Juniors Shaken by the Covid-19 Pandemic?

After having two positive teammates for Coronavirus, the Canadian Hockey team was suspended from joining the World training camp for juniors. The Ice Hockey International Federation decided to cancel several tournaments during the last few months due to the present coronavirus pandemic, including the marquee tournaments such as the World Championship 2020 and the other minor tournaments for women’s and men’s hockey.

Despite that, the Team will continually conduct seminars, meetings, and workouts through Zoom. They’ve been practicing this during their two weeks of quarantine to keep track of their diet, their physical abilities, and their endurance. This allowed the Team to have the opportunity to unwind in the meantime after engaging in vigorous training sessions.

However, the hard question is, what might happen to the Canadian Team if they still have positive tests before Christmas or after the games started? Well, Canada is not the only Team that needs to be suspended due to their positive coronavirus tests. Several other teams have undergone similar obstacles with Team Canada as well.

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