Although it hasn’t been possible enough for the researchers to trace the detailed Hockey history, it was confirmed that it was first introduced at Epsom a century ago. The original club details have not been found yet, and the initial information hasn’t been reliable enough to be published because a century ago, there was a huge fire at an Advertiser’s offices that destroyed most of the old publications and newspapers that could serve as a research source for Hockey’s origination.

By the year 1909 to 1910, there was a total fixture list being presented. A lot of home sports were played at the Recreational Field, which is now the famous Court Recreation Ground. The opponents who played at that time were Horsham, Dulwich, Dorking, Bellvue, Croydon, Kingston School of Grammar, County Bank and London, Vagabonds, Spencer, Malden, Wimbledon, and Wallington. There were some cases like Spencer, Merton, and Wallington wherein Epsom was played the third or second elevens of those opposing teams.

Nevertheless, those fixtures were halted at the start of the war, but during the winter, of 1922, several stalwarts played for the Epsom right before the War started. N.Puch, who was one of the stalwarts, played some mixed informal games at the Alexandra Ground.