Are you feeling motivated? Are you willing to journey with professionals who can further sharpen your skills and trigger your drive to be successful? Here at Junior Hockey Coaching, we have a lot of thriving members who also have similar goals as you. We aim to develop trainees and support them in their interest in Hockey.

Here at Junior Hockey Coaching, we also group participants by their level and initial abilities so that they can journey together with people to whom they can relate the most. Also, teaming up with those who have similar qualifications to you would make you feel “at home” rather than constantly competing with the higher levels. By following this, coaches would also find it easier to create a coaching plan that suits their pace.

For Sunday and midweek sessions, it will cost 200 pounds per year. For a single per-week session, it will cost 135 pounds per year.

If anyone, because of financial circumstances, wants to further discuss the membership payment, please contact our admin support through

For existing membership, our admin will contact you and send you the details on how to update your information and pay your subscriptions.