What to Wear to a Hockey Game?

Athleisure style or activewear is the go-to outfit when it’s time for sports outings. For example, you could wear a chic crop top and stylish denim shorts to cheer your team on while looking gorgeous.

But it’s never an option with hockey. Boy! Those games are cold, and a winter jacket is a must to keep you warm outside and inside the arena.

We are here to guide you on what to wear to your next hockey game. So, consider this a styling guide to help you or your kid dress for a hockey game!

Now, let’s make the world your oyster in the most fashionable way!

How Cold Are Hockey Games?

Hockey is a thrilling sport that attracts millions of fans worldwide, and it’s the official winter sport in Canada. There’s nothing like attending a hockey game, from the fast-paced action on the ice to the fans’ passion. But, if you’ve ever been to a game, you know that hockey arenas can be chilly.

So, just how cold are hockey games?

Inside Temperature of the Arena

The temperature inside a hockey arena can vary depending on the arena. But most professional facilities aim to maintain a temperature of around 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 Celsius) during a game.

For a professional hockey game, the National Hockey League (NHL) rules state that the temperature should be around 24 Farenhite by the end of the game.

This temperature is necessary to keep the ice in optimal condition for gameplay. However, even though it’s not freezing, sitting in the stands for a few hours can make it feel much colder. Thus, it’s vital to dress appropriately.

Temperature Rinkside

If you’re fortunate enough to have a seat rinkside, you’ll experience an even colder temperature. The temperature at the rinkside can drop to around 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.5 Celsius), so players wear thick padding and helmets to stay warm while playing.

In addition, fans sitting rinkside often bring blankets and warm clothing to stay comfortable throughout the game.

Temperature Outside

If you’re attending an outdoor game like the Winter Classic, you’ll be exposed to even colder temperatures. Outdoor hockey games are often played in sub-zero temperatures, with wind chill making it feel even colder.

Fans who attend outdoor games often bundle up in layers and bring hand warmers and hot beverages to stay warm.

Why Are Hockey Games So Cold?

Ice hockey player during a hockey game

It’s all about the ice. The ice surface needs to be kept at a consistent temperature to maintain its hardness and consistency so it doesn’t become too soft or hard. If it does get soft, it slows down an ice hockey game.

Keeping the ice cold also helps reduce friction between the ice and the players’ skates, allowing for faster gameplay. Therefore, while it may be chilly for the fans, it’s crucial to the game. That explains why the players dress so warmly for the game!

What to Wear to a Hockey Game

What’s the point in attending an exhilarating hockey game indoors or outdoors when you’d be hunkered down due to the pressure from the cold? If you don’t prepare for the chilly ambiance that would hit you in the arena, it defeats the purpose of attending the game.

Now, let’s help you avoid that! Time to dress you up for your hockey game.

Classics: Hockey Jersey Never Goes Wrong

Your hockey game outfit can be a stylish team jersey. The point to note with this classic is you shouldn’t do just any regular jersey. But to keep you warm for the temperature, layer it with a turtle neck. Oh, you could pair this with a beanie and warm bottoms!

Puffer Coat to the Rescue

Feel free to play around with your inner outfits if you want to go in with a puffer coat. Whether you sit at the rink side or not, this should keep you comfortable enough to enjoy the game.

Sweater and Skinny Jeans With Ankle Boots

This combination is both weather appropriate and 100% fashion-wise. You can also do a cowboy boot with knitted socks instead. Looking this good for your favorite team is good business!

Cropped Jacket, Denim, and Beanie

You’ll see ice hockey fans dressed this way for an NHL game– it’s like a classic, and it works all the time. Like all the outfits on this list, you will stay warm while maintaining your style. It’s one of the hockey game outfits that doesn’t go wrong.

Button-Down Shirt or Plaid Shirt, Sweat-Shirt Layer, and a Jacket

It seems like a lot, but this should be called the art of layering. The only warning here is the colors. They must all be in the sink—no outrageous combination to avoid wadding off the fashion rail.

The fashion icon Harly pulled off something similar. So, go all in with cold protection! The look can work for both recreational hockey games or an NHL game.

Leather and Denim

Got some leather pants? Grab it from your wardrobe. Then, take out your denim jacket and a plain tee with some heeled ankle boots– that will be your next hockey game outfit.

Leather leggings with a jacket and plain tee are chic, warm clothing for a hockey game. Maybe go in with a baseball cap or a beanie.

This outfit is tested and trusted even for a professional arena.

Sweater, Tights, and Trainers

If you have this in your wardrobe, you don’t have to wonder what to wear to a hockey game! Wear tired with a loosely fitted long sweater and trainers; it’s the ultimate diva look. It is best suited for professional games and won’t take you out of the comfy zone.

Leather Pants, Crop Top, and Pee Cap

It’s simple– yet classy. But it does keep you warm – even around the ice rinks. You can pair this combo with trainers. Don’t forget to wear thick socks.

Mom Jeans and Oversized Jersey

Going all out in oversized, swanky hockey game outfits never gets old. So, hit that hockey game in cool baggy spirits. In team spirit, the jersey can be the same colors as your favorite team’s.

Sports Bras or Bralette, Jackets, Joggers, and Boots

Yea, we know what we said about staying warm. But this is a hockey game outfit for anyone who wants to turn heads. This outfit allows you to show some skin while staying comfortable in your jacket, joggers, and boots.

So, why not?

Casual in Sweats and Matching Joggers

Sweats are great athleisure outfits, even for ice hockey games. So, try a matching casual sweater and jogger with sneakers and thick socks. You’ll be glad you did!

Tip for Styling Your Hockey Game Outfits

Getting an outfit for a hockey game can be a little tricky. Here are additional tips for styling your hockey game outfits:

Layering Is Vital

Layering is the best way to stay warm while still looking chic. You may need to wear multiple layers. So, first, start with a base layer, like a long-sleeve t-shirt or sweater, and add a jacket or coat. You can also wear a scarf, beanie, or gloves to add personality to your outfit.

Show Off Your Team Spirit

Hockey team of happy boys and girls in team uniform

Wearing your team’s colors or gear is a great way to show off your support while still looking fashionable. Wear a jersey or T-shirt, or incorporate team colors into your outfit with a scarf, hat, or even makeup.

Opt for Comfortable Footwear

When it comes to footwear, comfort is vital. You’ll be on your feet for a while, so choose shoes you can walk in for an extended period without discomfort. Sneakers, boots, or warm, waterproof winter shoes are excellent choices.


Accessories elevate any outfit and add some personality. Consider wearing statement jewelry, like a chunky necklace or bold earrings. A crossbody bag or backpack is also a suitable accessory for carrying essentials.

Keep Makeup and Hair Simple

You don’t need to go all out with your makeup and hair for a hockey game. Instead, opt for a natural makeup look and a hairstyle that won’t be ruined by wearing a hat or scarf.

Don’t Forget About Comfort

You want to be comfortable during the game. So avoid wearing anything too tight or restricting, and bring an extra layer if you get cold.

In a Nutshell

We are sure you now know what to wear to a hockey game! Dressing for a hockey game is about finding the perfect balance between fashion and function.

Wear layers, show off team spirit, use comfortable footwear, accessorize, and keep makeup and hair simple. Regardless of your hockey game outfits, prioritize comfort.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to stay warm while being drop-dead gorgeous.

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