Aside from our regular sessions for junior coaching, we are very glad to also provide additional coaching for Hockey in partnership with Step Change Hockey. Spotting the opportunity to further develop or enhance individual hockey athletes, our Team is currently offering one on one and closed group coaching, which has a maximum of five trainees. These sessions are held at Old Lane School, which is considered as the home of Hockey Epsom Club.

Our Team is composed of experienced, qualified players and coaches who are willing to journey with you while designing a customized program suitable for your training needs. To further work on this, just discuss with them what aspect you would like to focus on more. In that way, your sessions would be more systematic and efficient.

Introduction to Step Change Coaching

We take pride in our efforts and reputation as we know our help has a significant impact on every player’s skill and attitude towards sport. Our techniques have resulted in an evident improvement in our student’s perspectives and understanding of their passion. We are also inspired by our co-founders and the people who have exhausted all their efforts into sustaining this fun-filled and motivating environment that we continue to project until these days.

So, as one of the most prestigious coaching providers, we aim to deliver these opportunities at your doorstep. Overall, the aim of our efforts is for our participants to individually learn the strategies and tactics in a sports-oriented environment before mastering a higher-level skill.

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