Learn How Vaping has derailed the Future of teen’s athletes

Introduction to e-cigarette and Vape stockists among teens happens as early as eight years during birthday celebrations or sleepovers with pals. By the time such kids reach their teenage years, they have already been addicted.

Addiction to vaping has left the lives of most young athletes in a devastating state, making it difficult to relate well with their teammates. Once the young athlete becomes an addict, everything including their future dreams changes.

Besides, a hardworking, inspired, and skillful teen becomes a helpless young soul after being introduced to vaping. Apart from causing health-related issues, vaping addiction results in demotivation for other things.

 How Vaping affect teenage’s athletes

For an extended, school principals and administrators have admitted that teen vaping is a big issue that will worsen if correct measures are not taken. Revisiting the subject have made the schools discipline heads to act swiftly through setting rules and regulation on the teens caught vaping at school.

The moment a teen becomes addicted to vaping, chances are that their future dreams are impaired. It becomes challenging for an athlete to be a consistent participant, especially in aggressive sports such as hockey.

  • Vaping affects lung functioning resulting in less air absorption.
  • The affected teens are suspended from sports.
  • Vaping costs the teen career as a hockey player.
  • Suspending the affected teens from school and other occasions for a significant period
  • Deferment of hockey captains who are caught vaping
  • The affected teens then miss chances to grow their sports careers.
  • Asthmatic symptoms due to difficulties in breathing

How to treat teen’s vaping

Abandoning vaping among addicted teens is a big issue than it sounds. There is more in terms of research and commitment, which needs to be put in place by different stakeholders to succeed.

  • School heads have taken a different approach to curb and treat vaping among teens.
  • A program that shows sympathy and respect for learners has been highly supported by the National Education Association (NEA).
  • Introduction of the anti-vaping campaign for health preservation among teen athletes.
  • Harsh consequences have also been set for continuous offenders.

E-cigarettes and sporty performance

Vaping among teenagers has raised a cause of alarm in the latest decades. A report released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention shows a 70 % increase in secondary school learners being involved in vaping. This has made vaping being declared an epidemic by health officials and well-known physicians.

Vaping among teens has ruined their health aspects, altering the athletic programs nationally. The resulting health issues make it tough for the affected teens to perform and attend their daily practice.


The effects on teens health and athletic performance are the prevalent concerns that draw vaping cessation programs’ attention. The program comes in handy in enabling the users to quit vaping with ease. Here, addicts get an opportunity of sending a free message and receive instant support from the initiative until they abandon the e-cigarette altogether.

Vaping has majorly contributed to the deteriorating of athletic performance among schools. However, receiving the right treatment and being enrolled in the right cessation programs, the affected teens became motivated and positively turned towards achieving their dreams.

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