Why are private coaches essential in training?

  • They know the techniques on how to attain prolonged focus.
  • They know the technique on how to learn faster
  • There is a 2:1 coach/player ratio
  • There are assurance and accountability throughout the training.
  • More emotional support
  • They help you increase your confidence by following a systematic, step-by-step learning guide in actualizing your lessons.

Speed Program

During the speed program, players must learn the following:

S – Stride

Discussing the fundamentals of appropriate stance development, weight transfer, and balance

P – Power

Improving knee bend, transferring weight slowly on each leg, and maximizing inside edges load while accumulating more strength with your every stride

E – Explosiveness

Utilizing the snap toe to provide an additional speed burst with your every stride

E- Efficiency

Skating further and faster with lesser strides so you can save energy

D- Dominate

Players who skate in level elite earn more confidence and may have the most access to opportunities that could level up their game.

Stick and Shooting Program

During the stick and shooting program, players must learn the following:


Learning the basics of generating power in a player’s shot, development placement and accuracy, and proper techniques in shooting


Learning proper execution and stick hand placement, hand alertness, speed, control, deceptive moves, and complex techniques in stick handling

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